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Dubai Nightlife and Escort Guide

The evening colours and night lifestyle of Dubai are amazing and they sharply contrast with its daily rhythm . Night Dubai is shocking by its peculiar splendour and fascinating richness. The heat of the day has come away together with the fuss and stress of the day light. Dubai days are saturated by the obligations and strict observance of Muslim customs. Hot climate makes the most of the residents tend to go out as late as possible, when it's pleasantly cool, and the sky is studded with millions of stars like in a true fairytale. Totally another life comes after the sun. Glamorous and posh spots like “Rare the Place”, “Armani Prive” and “Cavalli Club”, legendary renewed “360 Degrees” right on the water, chic and exclusive “Bodoir” and catching “Velvet Underground” - all this places are “must seen” in Dubai.

Cozy night bars like “Chameleon Club” and “Pulse”, posh restaurants like “101”, “5th Avenue”, “Armani-Amal”, beach clubs like “Blue Marlin Ibiza” and “La Baie Lounge” compose an exciting diversity. The hotels are always presenting the best entertainment options, cause they are allowed to sell alcohol. Dubai - is considered to be a multinational country that inhabits the adherents of different religions and national aspirations. This fact affects a wide variety of clubs for each of the ethnic groups, each of them has its own unique sound. Before you start your night out round in Dubai you should learn some rules and customs of this Islamic country. The religious traditions need to be considered carefully and treated with due respect so that not to end up in jail. Dubai entertainment facilities offer all kinds of entertainment and recreation services, and the prices don`t differ much from the European countries.

Sometimes the schedule of the entertainment centers can be changed. Often this is due to the holiday celebrations of St. Muslims - Ramadan. You can enter a club after twenty one year old, but some places have a stricter rule – only after 25. Also consider, that some clubs have very strict face control. Choosing the best entertainment center for a good time, note, that the nightlife spot are situated next to local markets and major malls and on their territory. Dubai has a perfect a network of local bars. Barasti is the best one, it`s located near the coast . Barasti will accommodate you on a well-appointed terrace where you can taste the best Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy the beautiful Oriental and European melodies. The Yarba Bar is famous for the unusual and fascinating traditions of Indian hospitality, and Yarba constantly hosts great parties.

One the most popular night clubs is Garage. Garage has perfect shows, unique design, as well as courtesy and hospitality. Inside the great hall you will see several cars and capacious buses. Dubai offers its guests a great variety of water recreation options, ranging from a romantic trip and classic diving to fascinating fishing at night. The coast has numerous diving centers, but the guests are required to have an initial training together with an instructor. Striptease in Dubai is affected by religious beliefs and national traditions which prohibit to show excessively seductive forms of the female body. However, there`re illegal strip places always fully packed at night.

One of the most well-known spot to enjoy striptease and get a refined set of sex services - "Cyclone". It presents more than five hundred professional exotic strippers from Russia, China , Bulgaria, Taiwan, Azerbaijan. Also you can check “Planetarium” , “Atlantis” , “Kasbaa”, “Tropicana”, “Junction”,” Buddha Bar” , and many other clubs. Think about an exotic relaxation and posh companion for your fun nights in Dubai? HAVE A LOOK at our escort models who can make your nights much more pleasant and saucy. OUR AGENCY offers you a VIP-class service as every lady is perfectly mannered and educated, all of them have stunning feminine curves, polished and sophisticated look. Our ladies are exotic as we have international girls. Here you can taste something you never tried!