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Paris Escort and Nightlif Guide

Paris - the point for passionate love and sophisticated entertainment. Paris, like many European cities have their historical monuments, touristic attractions, diverse museums and exhibitions. However, apart from the daily entertainment is rich, as much interesting is a night entertainment. At nightfall, it becomes clear why this City of Lightness has another name which fully justified. Historical and architectural monuments, ancient streets and bridges filled with light lanterns , various street illuminations and neon signs. Many of Parisians, finishing their day prefer to head for restaurant with friends,or just for a friendly snack in lovely french cafeteria. As during many centuries , this passionate place prepared many temptations for their guests, promising to remain forever in the memory. Life is there boils incessantly, even at night, the fame of the abundant infrastructure of Paris entertainment scattered everywhere for the recent decade. Today, any traveler knows that to enjoy and taste fully the night life of Paris is in Trocadero, the Champs Elysees : it has all you might need to relax and unwind. Practice shows that the richest and intense night program happens in the north- eastern Paris: in the vicinity of Menilmontant , Belleville and Oberkampf , but we should not forget the night clubs in Marais, Bastille, the Grand Boulevard Montmartre, Pigalle, offer a ange of stunning places, guaranteeing its visitors an unforgettable adventure.

Nightlife in Paris - a fascinating and unique spectacle. Various clubs, numerous discos and cabaret show, where each performance , with their unique lighting design and original costumes of dancers - a piece of unique art. Here, each entertainment has unique character of different type of culture. All the French cabaret actually differ from each other,there`re definite places which were visited by great people such as Picasso and Edith Piaf, and they`re mixed with hot spots with a bench of half-naked beauties that is dislike by French people,and are perceived as option to emulate Las Vegas. Entertainments for love. Not to waste time looking for places that will fully satisfy your special needs and interests, run through the most catching places.

For those who prefer to combine business with pleasure, perfect «Crazy Horse Saloon». Club «Crazy Horse» was festablished more tan 50 years ago and is popular for its unforgettable public rooms in the genre posed aesthetic eroticism. For the world publicity «Crazy Horse Saloon» is synonymous with passion, sensuality , sexuality , sophistication and refinement. Another well-known place such a cabaret «Lido», which is designed in the traditional American style. Cabaret put on various. performances, during which used all types of special effects that add to the scene unfolding action brilliance and effectiveness During staging dancers can change more than 550 different outfits and pairs of shoes. Speaking of entertainment establishments in Paris neve forget the globally famous cabaret «Moulin - Rouge», which`s firstly opened in 1889. There yo`ll see famous French cancan dancers.

Top Parisian disco : Top Parisian discos and clubs all found in the Montparnasse area, the Marais, the Latin Quarter, Montmartre and the Place Saint - Germain, which are equipped with all necessity and have the A- class service. «Le Moloko» was opened in 90th and owned by Russian immigrants. It allows to dance all night and escape from boredom. «Rexclub» - popular among fans of electronic style in music ,there you can attend live performances such famous musicians as David Guetta, Laurent Garnier, ChemicalBrothers and Luciano. In spring 1992 it was Laurent Garnier with his party called " Shake ! " Spurred interest in the French electronics, we even clim that this performance was the starting point for the popularity of «Rexclub». Club «LesBains-Douches» near the hotel «Randevu» is a favourite holiday destination of posh people and other public figures. Restaurant «MandalaRay», or as it`s used to becalled - «ManRay» almost all week long had the fame of a first-level restaurant, but with the coming weekend its halls filled with fun - loving people to dance. Another interesting fact of this place is : some of his co-owners include such celebrities like Johnny Depp, Sean Bean, John Malkovich. «LeBaron» - a small club is popular with bohemians because of their small cozy rooms and constantly playing intellectual music. Famous singer Bjork was performs there once.

Parisian striptease : The most distinguished European strip clubs among others called «Pink Paradise», owned by the couple Cathy and David Guetta, Who are well respected and popular both in France and in other countries. They perfectly created out of the classical striptease club,a bright place with a memorable strip-shows without a hint of vulgarity like many usual strip clubs. The "Pink Paradise"is quite near to the Champs Elysees. Show program involves about fifty best dancers from England, USA, Canada and other countries. Every night the audience can be impressed by the dancers walking down from the glass staircase and made their performance on the illuminated runway in the soft spotlight . Strip show «Pink Paradise» - an erotic performance that combines sexy, elegance, beauty and looseness. According to the level, quality and colourful performances strip show «Pink Paradise»,exceed even the places such well-known as «Moulin - Rouge» and «Crazy Horse», however, it`s obvious: night`s the hottest time. Attraction is in order music - the main component. Lovely striptease actresses of «Pink Paradise» perform for visitors incredibly beautiful and sensual dances to the sounds of French electro - house and famous tracks of the world stars like David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Martin Solveig, Antoine Clamaran and others. The space of the club has that atmosphere of lightness,feast and ease. Any performances in the «Pink Paradise» - is an art.together with the dancers have already performs such a stars like Beyonce, Superfunk, Sophie Marceau, Laetitia Marie Casta, Dimitri and many others. This place is constantly fully packed, including the famous personalities belonging to the spheres of politics, film , journalism and dance music. High popularity in many causes the strip-show «Pink Paradise», every summer to start a world tour. The first point will be the Cannes Film Festival, where the artists of the show for several years are the guests of honour. At a private party «Pink Paradise», in Cannes, there`re strictly selected people, so to attend the event - it is considered an honour. Thereis possibility that this year's strip show «Pink Paradise» with performances visit Eastern Europe.

Hot nights in Paris : The modern world has done the impossible - to debunk the image of Paris, created by the masterpieces of cinema which show France as a country of romance and love. The real Paris presents a downside, there is no place where sentimentality and romance, sex rules here at night. The name " Boulevard de Clichy " is familiar to many tourists and visitors. Burning red neon wings that spread «Moulin - Rouge» alongside with scarlet letter - store signage pornoteatra «SEXODROME» are quite symbolic. For many years, this area`s used to be the major markets of love in Paris. Today - this area is much more than merely a historic site and touristic attraction, as the girls offering themselves in the metro station "Place de Clichy", "Pigalle" and " Blanche aren`t that much. Currently Boulevard de Clichy - is an endless succession of sex shops and sex supermarkets differ one from another area and assortment. Sex supermarket is no different from a regular supermarket, for those few exceptions that instead of snacks and cans, visitors busily filling their carts with plastic and silicone faloimmitators , vaginas and various leather accoutrements. Sex shops ably diluted clubs, bars, restaurants and small eatery in the menu which offers international cuisine. The visiting program must cover the Museum of Erotica, which is opened in Paris much later than in another European cities, the exposition presented in the museum are admirable - it has over 2,000 item of erotic art and creative photography, prints, etc. Even if you have visited this museum before, you should do it again, because the exhibition is constantly updated with new pieces. Also often hosts temporary exhibitions. Someone wants to make the acquaintance of the night more promising, the right place to choose will be located right in the center of Paris, near the Seine River. Rue Saint-Denis, among respectable residential buildings are many clandestine brothels, because its illegal in France. Near Saint - Denis is Le Marais, its a "gay" area, which includes streets of San Croix-de - la - powermoves Bretonneri and Garson, which is meaning in French "Bad Boys." In the 1980s, the once respectable area was a home place for aristocrats, chosen by members of sexual minorities. And today this is the spot for gay sex shops, saunas, restaurants and bookshops and hairdressers. In most of this places women are strictly forbidden.

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